Data Protection, GDPR

Energy At Work Ltd complies with the  General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 1998.

We believe in only using company and individuals' data to benefit them and their businesses in the way they have already been expressing to us on a personal basis, and in relation to the responses and indications they have already given us in previous conversations. 

What we do:

We support businesses which are referred to us, or who contact us, with information related to the subjects they expressed an interest in. We keep a copy of correspondance related to their areas of interest. This is so if they need more detail related to this information in the future we can provide or amend it to provide services to them. We keep a copy of all advice we have given for reasons of client-care and because we are Carbon Trust Accredited and as such want to provide the best service. If a customer has told us they want (or probably want) to apply for a grant, we will alert them via email or phone, individually and specific to their own project, if we hear that the grant is likely to end soon or the terms are changing. We will also alert these same people if we believe they are still considering the project and subsequently prices or technology or general advice on this type of energy-saving installation changes. 
We also keep a copy of all orders and deliveries we have made and the contact and transaction details of all clients (but not credit card details). This is so that if a factory/supplier were to contact us with advice about a product we sold, about a recall or a safety update, we would be expected to make immediate contact with any past customer using this product even if it were out of warranty.
We also intend to make contact with some customers who are nearing the end of their warranty period to remind them that the product is still within warranty and that any products which have reached their end of life can be replaced (supply only) free of charge with a suitable modern replacement up to the same retail value.

What we don't do:

We do not send out mass emails to several clients or potential clients (and would not do so without specific opt-in-permission for this purpose although mass email is not part of our business strategy as we prefer to develop based on recommendations and referrals).
We do not buy databases of potential customers and approach these.
We never pass information to third parties other than by permission of the individual or busines or in order to fulfill an instruction give to us by the client. For example if a client asks for a price for installing the products we will discuss their buildiing with our regular sub-contracted installers. If a client needs a delivery of products, samples or access equipment we will often arrange this delivery to go direct from our sub-contracted warehouseor our  supplier but the warehouse or supplier will not use this information for anything other than the delivery of that particular instruction or order.
We do not sell information about our clients to any third party.
We do not database client inforrmation in a bulk form for marketing purposes. This is because we work with individual client in respect of their own project needs.
When we display client comments on websites, case-studies or emails we do not disclose the name of the client unless they ahve granted us perrmission to do so.
If you have any question or require further information we invite you to contact us on 0845 224 2254 (this includes for removal of all the information we hold for you).


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