Our initial discussion with you examines all aspects of your needs. 

From project size and budget requirements to the overall aims and outcomes you require from the work, our highly technical staff can instantly start to assess where Energy At Work can help you

We visit your site to survey your work space and start formulating what you need from us.

Lighting design is never the same, building to building or even floor to floor. We use our years of experience and an understanding of the staff activities in a space to formulate a brief.

We give you a breakdown of the costs taking grants into account, and list potential savings and payback time.

Our proposals are clear and straighforward. They contain the technical and financial information directors and grant bodies need to make decisions.

We can use our advanced 3D design software and years of experience to produce lighting simulations maximising returns whilst minimising cost.

This helps us hit clients' target light-levels (for example in inspection rooms) and allows clients to approve layout.

Our team of electricians and installers project manage the installation from arriving at site to ensuring you're happy with the final results.

We have selected teams of qualified, experienced installers who we assign to projects dependent on location. Our clients find them polite and helpful. 

Call us on 0845 224 2254 to learn in more detail about what we can do for you

Our services come at different levels. We can supply and install, however where beneficial, we can implement our complete design and simulation services so we can analyse in detail how to maximise savings. 

Phone me on 07594 336618 to discuss your lighting or heating upgrade


It all starts with a site visit and survey where we collect all the relevant data we need. We take down information regarding light types, quantities, light level readings, to name a few. The photographs we take ensure that we can create the most accurate 3D models, giving you the most reliable light level simulations

We create the project area in 3D space within our software and set about designing the light types and positions of the units. We can easily swap out different lights and re-run simulations to find the optimal solution for your building. Our software includes full technical information regarding light behaviour for individual brands and types of lighting units

We run simulations in our software to establish light level maps over the project space. We get huge amounts of technical data from this including information regarding total lux level, uniformity across the space, watts per sq metre etc. This method means our quotes and savings can be extremely accurate

We provide our installers with the layout design and the technical data. After every design project we complete, we assess how accurate our projections have been and implement any changes for future projects. This means that we can provide the best possible service. 

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